About Us

We welcome you to Experience Excellence

About Us

We welcome you to Experience Excellence

About Us

Finest in class for every client, every day

Prasad Printers had its humble beginning in 1972 at Kulshekar about 8 kms away from Mangalore, the port town in Karnataka. Sri Thomas Patrao, started this press with two treadle printing machines. We ventured into new avenues, adapting to the changing times and new technology in all sectors, pre-press, press and post-press. In 2012, we also incorporated into latest trend of printing, the ‘Digital Printing’ by starting a firm in the city as “Prasad Digitals”. Over the past fifty years, we have nurtured the company to deliver the best to our clients by our steady focus and dedication. Today with the state of art printing machinery that offers precision we produce finest everlasting prints.
We welcome you to “Experience Excellence”.

Our Vision

To climb the new Pinnacles of the Print Industry and deliver the finest prints to our clients in time.

Our Mission

To realize our vision by updating technology and dedicating ourselves to values such as Honesty, Reliability, Creativity, Punctuality and Integrity.

Our Values

We are committed to upholding the principles of business and personal ethics. We believe in working with probity, passion, and commitment to meet the expectations of our clients. We are here to associate with our valued clients to provide them with best-in-class printing solutions that will enable them to achieve their business objectives in the most optimal way possible.

Our Portfolio

Greater the potential, the bigger the portfolio value

We cover all your printing needs – from Books to Calendars, Table Calendars, Labels to Mono Cartoons, Boxes, Brochures to Catalogs, Certificates to Prospectuses, Magazines to Menus, as well as embellishments

Quality Assurance

Our strict commitment and dedication

We realize that in order to keep up with our client’s expectations, we must implement ways that will retain print quality while also successfully addressing our client’s needs. Our quality assurance is the process of verifying that anything we print meets the quality criteria of our clients.
• We are committed to delivering the finest prints to our clients.
• By continually upgrading the technology.
• Striving to achieve customer satisfaction.
• Motivating our employees in achieving our vision.
Quality control has become incredibly valuable to us at Prasad Printers and Prasad Digitals. We are eager to achieve the maximum level of automation in all stages of the process in order to optimize our workflow using the finest available technologies.

Go Green

We are a part of nature

With our Go Green philosophy, we are committed to the future as an environmentally conscientious company by taking environmental and recycling initiatives to decrease waste. Being sustainable entails making a commitment to weigh the economic, social, and environmental consequences of our actions. We utilize process-free plates, which reduces the usage of water, energy, and chemicals. We primarily use vegetable oil inks and Argo-based paper. We provide high-quality recycled papers to environmentally aware customers. All our paper waste is recycled. We use cutting-edge technology and machinery that consumes less energy. By using reusable, refillable or recyclable products, we consider the environmental factors involved in production. While conforming to hygiene, health and safety, our workplaces take care of our employee’s need for an acceptable working environment and we implement greener practices wherever possible.